Kathy Luxford'carr

A local artist with a 25 year background as a professional Florist in the boutique shops of Sydney and Melbourne,
where she created lifestyle designs for Interior Decorators. Returning to Gippsland has allowed Kathy to braoden her work.
Kathy has been working with botanicals, wire, sticks, stones, paints and recycling from an early age transforming the
ordinary into new forms and reversing the minute into the gigantic by weaving natural and manmade textiles.
Her designs are handmade and expressive.
Kathy’s favourte works are the three ‘Giant Cocoons’ hung from the Artplay Building at Fed Square Melbourne.
Also working with students to create the numerous permanant Bug Blitz school Artworks, including the
‘Giant Algae Cells’ on the Avon River, Stratford,
The ‘Willow Weave’ at Lake Gyatt and
The Gippsland Lakes 50km Bird Perch' at the Heyfield Wetlands.
Kathy has illustrated two children’s books ‘
The Frog Bear and Sparrow’ and ‘Miss Pickles Meets Walter the Worm’.